Tanita BC-1000

The new BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor with ANT+ Wireless Technology - bringing the most sophisticated health monitoring technology to health and fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

In addition to weight, body fat percentage, BMI and hydration levels, the BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor provides measurements on muscle mass, overall physique rating, daily caloric intake, metabolic age rating, bone mass, and visceral fat.

To order - please email your details and we will send you an invoice with our banking details - once you pay - your scale goes to your Postnet for counter collection.

1 BC-1000 Quote
2 BC-1000 Wireless Body Composition Monitor leaflet
3 BC-1000 Report
4 Live example of health centre printout
5 The BC1000 works directly with Garmin Connect
6 Health Centre software licence information
7 We install the Heath Centre software onto your computers using Teamviewer for Personal use(free) We can check that your computers working at any time & help you if you get stuck.
8 We have Inbody & bodystat in our offices and you welcome to compare our products against these.

Income earning equipment.
Requires windows computer - else requires stand-alone D1100 display unit.
Comes with a small USB stick called an ANT+ to connect the scale remotely
with the computer (or garmin watch) via Blue tooth technology.
One calls up the client on the Health Centre software and when the light on scale goes GREEN one gets on the scale and the measurements are sent to the computer.
The scale is battery operated.
The scale weighs upto 200kg
We also market Inbody and bodystat for original purchasers.
We do not stock products for Lifemax nor Medsci.
We cannot normally help with Bod pods nor Harpendens.
We can help with all Tanita products.
We assist with healthy edge software .
Please e mail your queries to us.