Dietary Manager - Nutrition analysis software

Nutrient analysis

  • Email a sample of what you need to do (eg recipes) and we will do some for you as a "demo"
  • We can also do recipe analysis for you under contract - we can do your "packaging food labels" - as a bureau
  • to order - please email your details to us and we will email you your invoice with our banking details.
    Once paid - we install remotely using Teamviewer
0 Formulation Manager
1 Dietary Manager Handout (Word)
2 Dietary Manager Manual - Email us to request the Dietary Manager manual
3 Sample meal recall nutrient analysis using Dietary Manager
4 USDA -
  Download formal reference publication of Dietary Manager (PDF)
  Part 1
  Part 2
5 Part 3
6 Download information on the Dietary Manager database (Word)
7 Download letter to a university asking them to also train their Dietitian students on Dietary Manager (PDF)
8 Download USDA Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database (PDF)
9 South African definitions for American foods (under construction)
10 Download rational for loading GI and GL (PDF)
11 Government gazette 20July 2007 (Regulations relating to the labelling & advertising of foodstuffs) (PDF)
12 Food groups of the foods (Word)
13 USDA detailed analysis of human breast milk. We could run this for you on any food. Take note - there is no rounding. (Word)
14 USDA list of all nutrients available per food. Researchers please take note (Word)
15 Food Label
16 South African recipes + nutrient their nutrient breakdown for use in Boarding schools , army canteens , mines , old age homes (Under construction)


i) Dietitian student
ii) Commercial users food tech
R 1 000
R 500
R 2 000 - R 4 000
Research Version
MSc, PhD
Dietary Manager with additional Research Parameters incl. R 2 000 - R 60 000

Used for food labeling, dietary assessment, meal planning," Calorie Counter",
Food manufactures use dietary analysis to formulate food and generate food nutrition labels from the food analysis.
Food formulation manager has an audit trail so one can trace the changes to a products formulation.
Some Human nutrition and Dietetic departments use dietary food analysis to keep track of the food finder 3 "drift" away from the current USDA tables.
A comparison with the old legacy food finder software and the modern dietary manager aids in understanding the short falls of dietary intake and the nutritional status of any community.
Student dietitians / Dietetic Students should ask their lecturers about these points.
Also used in menu planning by both Dietitians and nutritionists.
For sports nutrition we recommend the Australian food composition tables on Dietary manager.
For dieticians wishing to work in New Zealand - we have the New Zealand food composition tables.
These tables help with meal analysis and dietary research.
Baie Dieetkundiges het gehelp met die ontwerp van al ons sagteware. Ek erken en waardeer dit.

Also used as a meal planner and the GI foods and GL of meals are add-ons.