Dieticians PPDT application list

PPDT - Please consider - listing yourselves on our Dieticians directory. For Private Practicing Dieticians only.

Dieticians are required for:
PPDT / food development / food labeling / Food service management

This "PPDT List" is not given to OR shared with anyone.
Please e-mail us if you stop practicing.
Please resend / re-request this form when your details change.
Your telephone / cell number & exact practice address will be given to potential patients.

Information Required

Professional Details  
DT / HPCSA Registration Number:
Maiden Name
Preferred First Name
University where you attained
your dietetics degree
Practice Details  
Telephone number
Cell number
E-mail address
Physical Address of Practice:
      Town / City
      Exact Street Address
        - the nearest corner street
        - the street number
        - type, colour & height of building
All/ Other large suburbs near your practice:
Extra Information  
Year when you started your dietetic practice
Any Children ?
Your strengths (likes?) Patients you prefer to treat eg ,diabetic , cholestrol ,  children.........etc
The type of work you do NOT really want.  eg Pregnancy, anorexia , allergies , "weight loss", terminally ill
Other areas of expertise, eg food labeling, consultancy to the food industry
Other comments
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Please e-mail or fax this form to us:   E-mail:     Fax: 086 512 0511